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7MML_5.O “H2oPLANET” is the new project of the Associazione Culturale 7Milamiglialontano and consists of seven distinct and adventurous solidarity journeys that will take place one year from 2019 and will cover almost the entire perimeter of the continents.


The objective is twofold, on the one hand the project aims to raise awareness on the problem of water pollution, on the coasts and in rivers, bringing an important contribution both in terms of content and image, on the other it supports the collection funds for the non-profit partner to which, at the end of each trip, the entire proceeds will be donated.


The seven trips of the 7MML_5.O “H2oPLANET” project will cover most of the coasts of the world, completing a solidarity travel experience that has always wanted to be our creative way of seeing the planet earth.
They will involve photographers, videomakers, writers, professionals and enthusiasts, in an adventure that will welcome more points of view and different perspectives.
Each trip will consist of several itineraries that will be dealt with by various means of transport (4 × 4, mountain biking, boat, foot and motorbike).
The groups, moving from different points, will cover most of the coasts of the continents including large lakes and important rivers.
Even if the experiences will necessarily be different (for itinerary, participants, times, places and means), the objective that animates them will be unique and shared: raise awareness, focusing on the artistic and human quality of documentation and narrative work, on the ecological theme , inviting to reflect on the need for a vigorous change of direction.


Addressing the problem of environmental pollution as if it were only a question of waste that we can not dispose of means taking it into consideration only in its pure technical and material aspect. It is right to do so, urgently and necessary, since part of the world still denies the existence of an environmental emergency, but it is not enough.
If we are not able to shift the cultural debate on the need to change our lifestyles and consumption – and therefore our reference values ​​- we will pay dearly for this lack.
From all this derives the need for a care of the environment that does not stop only on the technical intervention, but also on that of aesthetic, ethical and cultural sensibility.
The contribution of 7MML could be just that: promoting an ecological vision and inviting to keep the sea and the world we live clean.