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Travel means to bathe in unknown worlds, to live unexpected experiences, to discover new faces of the world that surround us, and of ourselves. To travel is not to move only from a place to the other: it is to change point of view on the things, to turn every new day into an occasion of discovery.

Itinerando is born for this: to help all the travellers to live their passion in the best of the ways, putting them in contact with whom shares their love for the adventure and furnishing them the information, the tools and the equipments of which you/they have need to depart for the next trip.


Part of the equipment

24Bottles is the Italian design brand born in 2013 with the mission of unburdening the planet from disposable plastic bottles, providing a wide range of carefully designed, high-quality, easy-to-carry, sustainable stainless steel bottles for daily hydration on the go.

24Bottles is the Italian design brand born in 2013 with the mission of unburdening the planet from disposable plastic bottles, providing a wide range of carefully designed, high-quality, easy-to-carry, sustainable stainless steel bottles for daily hydration on the go.

Our focus is to combine form and function in order to offer uniquely lightweight collections of bottles, bags and accessories, so as to foster a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle, while keeping personal style in check.

As a company we strive everyday to reduce our impact on the environment.
Find out more about our CO2 offsetting strategy www.24bottles.com/sustainability


Construction loom in bamboo and technical support

Trips, sport, speed, love for the life outdoor, are the elements that have inspired the project. Our bicycles turn him to whom has a good time playing for the world, in harmony with the nature, without having to abdicate the technical aspects. The loom in bamboo offers characteristics of lightness and confort, but also of rigidity that is translated in speed and dynamism. Our models are thought for varied demands and different uses, because with the bike the world can be turned, or to reach the office. the important thing is to have a good time him during the journey.

The Frames of Bam Cicli : :

“The interest for the mechanics, but the passion for the management of means to two wheels, brings us above all to experiment solutions to make the guide of our bikes the more dynamics and amusing possible. More than 1000 kinds of bamboo plants they exist in nature, but only a least part can be used for building looms of bicycles. That from us used has been select for the particular mechanical characteristics and aesthetics, and for the possibility to cultivate him/it in our country in an optic ecosostenibile of kilometer zero.

As it regards the method to sew together among them the reeds they exist different solutions that a builder of looms in bamboo he can consider

We have chosen a road all our in to employ a composite of new conception having technical characteristics similar to the carbon, but absolutely natural.It deals with a stratification lamination that is realized using ecological resins and plotted base flax twill.

A choice that time and experimentations are cost, but that it repays allowing us us to offer a technological product without skipping the ethical aspect of the echo sustainability.”

Our frames are conforming to the tests of resistance ISO 4210-6

The Bike:

The choice of the components of our bicycles has been done respecting qualitative standard of middle level, with particular attention to the mechanical organs what pads, central movement etc. Handlebars, wheels, and saddles (this last built in Italy on our indications) strongly condition the final price of the product that we have tried to contain, as far as possible. We give the possibility to clients with different demands, to characterize these elements in optics of improvement: it will be for us a pleasure to furnish and to assemble the looms with component of prestige.


Sustainable products to be tested

Ecocose is a shop of sale online been born for offering a range of sustainable products: cosmetic echo bio, makeup and makeup, ecological accessories, biological, solidali. We believe whether to responsibly consume is necessary and whether to conjugate the beauty to the ecology is possible..

For this we have decided to offer a selection of articles of good quality to our Clients, to low environmental impact, sustainable and products in the respect of the rights of the workers..

That I am produced same text, I use and of which trust me, for this have chosen them for you!


Assemblage component and technical support

The project is therefore to create runs of professionalization for people to risk of social exclusion through the process of recovery and sale of these regenerated bicycles, note RiCiclette. These last, besides the social value, they contain otherwise also a strong ecological appointment in the riutilizzare what it would be refusal and in to stimulate the use of the bicycle as mean of sustainable mobility. This cultural aspect is also expressed in the so many initiatives to which the operators and the volunteers of the project participate in collaboration with other realities of the territory

A special thanks for the patience and the technical support goes to Die of Ricicletta the pulsating heart of this cooperative:

“A long time ago so much had a’ inn, and it would still have the look of the innkeeper, but for necessity of the Cooperative you/he/she has entered to the Bud and he/she works to the shops of the RiCicletta: the bike is its job and also its passion, both as bicyclist, is as mechanic.

When mprudently taming him of his/her passions, believing to resolve the thing in two lines, it starts to speak of naval modelling and of auto you model dynamic. He likes the mountain, is crossed on the steep returning with one of his so many motorbikes, especially if some lived and personally you restore, is a footstep after making trekking looking for the landscapes that more it loves and that they make him open wide the eyes and the heart. And then he likes to listen to music, and then, and then…””


Glasses, Watches and Accessories in wood and bamboo

Fenz is a mark trentino. It is born to Shore of the Garda from two friends that have in common the desire to transmit a style of life and his/her own identity through a brand that is countersigned for an elegant and exclusive design.

With the help of active local firms in the social and small artisans of the north Italy we create our accessories from natural materials as the wood, the cork, the paper and even the stone.

Fenz feeds his/her creative vein echo-frendly from the territory in which is found, clean, ideal for the one that loves the life outdoor, the sport, the fun, the relax to contact with the nature.

“We are convinced that Fenz can become for the people that wear him/it an unique moment, that can be sheltered in our world and in our philosophy, that Fenz can be the motive to always remember that the days are not made of only job and frenzy but also of thoughtlessness and fun.”


Technical Support

Wonderful place, always at a glance at a glance at a glance, a music background among the most heterogeneous, modulated between the well-tempered Harpsichord performed by Glenn Gould and a trail of the most thrusts of the BlackSabbath with John Lee Hooker’s blues alternations and the immeasurable repetitive Deep Purple.

Four positions, four reference figures to which to care for their own means: It is an extraordinary feature that forces you to develop in a fraction of a second a superior intelligence, in order to overcome the first invincible communicative impact. A methodical roadblock that looks you through presbyopic goggles, sure you can make you uncomfortable about the maintenance status of your SSL 9.7 Madon. A gentleman with immense hands able to straighten the rotor of your disc brake using the fingertips only.

A former cleric sober in attitude but resolute in work and almost completely absent from the goliard spread throughout the space.

Fortuna wants the general climate to be fun, (whether for character combinations, or better for the type of article being handled), it is that someone is hanging on the boundaries of this Sancta Sanctorum and enjoys an unpredictable and sometimes more spectacular show Sparse of the Baruffe Chiozzotte.

Now it is up to you to embellish the brief descriptions of the figures you will find once you cross the threshold with written “access ban”. Because, no one has ever thought that this ban was also aimed at a cyclist with the left center movement or the rear wheel to center. And, as Caianiello says, “good luck”.