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I’m Dario Nardi, I was born in Ferrara in 1985. I graduated in Biology and then I took a masters in Marine Biology. Throughout the years I have nurtured my passion for the element of water, receiving my scuba and sailing licenses

I’ve always been into photography and video making, and these have become the artificial memory of all of my travels. From the very first steps across Europe and the Moroccan mountains, passing through Mexican coasts and 16.000 km of Australian ground, hiking volcanos in Nicaragua and rainforests in Costarica, to the black Canarian islands and white sandy islets of Panama. Seduced but never abandoned by the nomad way of living.

Planes, buses, cars, trucks, pick ups, taxis colectivos, motorbikes and various transportations have helped me over the years but a journey of thousands km by bike is something I still need to face. It’s a personal challenge, always conscious that many others, more expert than me, have pedaled harder to face equally long and exhausting journeys.

I’ve always moved around a lot because of a personal dedication to motion, to find or loose myself, because of opportunity or desperation, to get rich and evolve. This time I provide my legs and my heart to spread my message of green consciousness as a demonstration of how everyone can change the world with their own different choices. Sustainable alternatives already exist in most common aspects of everyday life.

This is not just about a bike travel. It’s the storytelling about how a journey can become an essential vessel to give voice to an important message. The journey is a cry for help.

Taking photos and recording film are my tools for documenting people and places facing this environmental emergency.

What are we really destroying? Who is losing the most?